Lahore’s first Model Graveyard begins operations 


The first of its kind model graveyard developed by the government of Punjab, the central Pakistan province has become operational in Lahore.

Shehr-e-Khamoshan Model Graveyard located at Kacha Road, Kahna has  all the burial and funeral related services required by families faced with the loss of a loved one. These include hearse service, Janazgah services, ghusal services and mortuary .

Moreover, grieving families will also be provided with specialized packages containing burial essentials (kafan/dafan). The staff at the Shehr-e-Khamoshan Lahore has been well-trained to maintain the state-of-the-art facility incorporating Islamic Architecture whilst facilitating citizens for complete provision of services.

The Graveyard’s dedicated human resource includes a manager and supervisor to deal with and address the concerns of citizens , fulfilling their requirements. It further includes its own security personnel to ensure illegal activity doesn’t take place in the vicinity of the graveyard. The trained gorkuns (undertakers), gardeners and machinery operators are to further carry out efficient operations of the graveyard. With a cost of 155 million, the initiative encompasses 89 kanals of land area providing grave space for approximately 8000 graves.

The Shehr-e-Khamoshan initiative will be introduced all over Punjab with the operationalization of the Shehr-e-Khamoshan Authority Act, passed by a majority vote in the Punjab Assembly on  May 24, 2017. The Punjab Shehr-e-Khamoshan Authority will be establishing and maintaining cemeteries and crematoriums to facilitate all citizens irrespective of any religious, socio-economic or caste-wise distinctions. To ensure its effective implementation,  Khawaja Ahmed Hassan is to serve as the chairperson for the Punjab Shehr-e-Khamoshan Authority. Salman Sufi, the Director General SRU, has been given additional charge as the Acting DG of the Punjab Shehr-e-Khamoshan Authority.

Model Graveyard developed by Punjab government in Lahore.


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