Pakistan: International flight operation resume after months long suspension


By Muhammad Luqman
Pakistan government has allowed resumption of international flight operations to and from all international airports in the country – except Gwadar and Turbat airports ,from Saturday, in a bid to further ease out corona virus-related restrictions.
According to a spokesman of Aviation Division, the permission for international flight operations would be subject to restrictions and limitations as decided by the competent authority from time to time in the light of the current Covid-19 scenario and implementation of health protocols.
Besides commercial passenger flights, cargo, special and diplomatic flights would continue to be authorised as per procedure in vogue, the spokesman said.
Adherence to the relevant applicable standard operating procedures would be mandatory for all airline operators, he said.

Pakistan government on Wednesday had announced a new policy for inbound passengers with a resolve to transport approximately 200,000 people within a month. The implementation of the new policy has started from Saturday (today) which the government said would bring significant enhancement in the capacity to bring back stranded Pakistanis from across the world.
According English newspaper, Daily Dawn, the Civil Aviation Authority has also issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) after the government authorised international passenger and charter flights to and from all international airports of the country, except Gwadar and Turbat airports.
The notice to airmen said: “Government of Pakistan has authorised international passenger and charter flights to and from all international airports of Pakistan except Gwadar and Turbat airports in accordance with restrictions and limitations for scheduled international flight operations as approved by the competent authority. Slot timings as decided by the authority shall be strictly followed with sufficient separation between arrivals and departures to ensure compliance with health protocol.”
“Cargo, special flights and diplomatic flights shall continue to be authorized as per procedure in-vogue. However, authorizations granted exclusively for outbound international passenger flight operations shall cease with effect from June 25.”
The NOTAM said all airlines and operators would be required to adhere to the applicable respective standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued from time to time.


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