Pakistan hoists South Asia’s largest flag at Wagha

Pakistan hoists tallest flag at Wagha border

By Muhammad Luqman
Pakistan Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa hoisted the largest national flag in the history of South Asian country at India-Pakistan Wagha border on the eve of the Independence Day celebrations.
The flag was hoisted atop a 400-feet pole, whereas the size of the flag is 120 feet by 80 feet. The flag has been made entirely in Pakistan, and is said to be the highest flag in South Asia and the eighth highest in the world. This is the exact place where the national flag was hoisted for the first time after the country achieved independence from the British exact 70 years ago.
The hoisting was followed by grand fireworks and an address by Gen Bajwa. “Some 77 years ago, Pakistan resolution was passed in the same city [Lahore]. Pakistan came into being on the night of 27th Ramazan — it was a blessed night,” said the army chief.
“Today, the country is progressing on the path of the law and the Constitution. All Institutions are working properly. We will make Pakistan the country of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal,” he said.
Earlier this year, India had hoisted its tallest flag at its border with Pakistan but it was torn away by the gusty winds four times in a period of just two months.
Hoisted with much fanfare and fluttering at a height of 360-ft , the Indian flag could not last for few days due to high wind speed and extreme weather conditions.


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