Pakistan’s Organic Meat Company to Supply 1200 MT of Meat to Middle East


By Monitoring Desk
The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL) has been contracted to supply frozen boneless meat to National Food Company (Americana), which is one of the most successful organizations in the Middle East. Americana is considered one of the largest food manufacturing and distributing companies in the region.
TOMCL is the first company from Pakistan to be approved by a multinational food processing company for supply of meat from Pakistan.
The Organic Meat Company Ltd., incorporated in 2010, is a high-quality Halal meat processor and exporter. The company started its operation in 2011 with two initial products, fresh chilled beef and mutton, and frozen boneless meat. TOMCL is also the first and only company to be approved by Saudi Arabia and Drug Authority (SFDA) to export frozen meat via sea to Saudi Arabia.
Faisal Hussain, CEO of TOMCL, comments that “it has been an honor that our company has secured a contract with Americana and they have approved our facility, placing it equal to similar facilities in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.”
He also explains that this business opportunity will prove to be beneficial for TOMCL because it allows it to expand its conventional business of supplying meat products for household consumption to an advanced business model that directly supplies to an international food processing business.
“It opens many doors for TOMCL’s future growth. Americana is just one food processor, there are many other food processors in other parts of the Middle East that TOMCL hopes to work with in the future,” Faisal Hussain adds.
As a pioneer of frozen boneless meat exports, TOMCL has been selling meat in the international market for almost a decade now. The company has had an impressive history of delivering a variety of qualities of chilled and frozen halal meat and edible offals to various meat and offal importers all over the Middle East and Far East. The company’s innovative history in the meat sector and its state of the art services played a major role in acquiring this contract.
Currently, TOMCL has the largest product range and market access from Pakistan’s meat export sector. Moreover, the company’s slaughtering and meat processing facility is spread over 15 acres at Gadap, Karachi. The facilities are approved to supply products to Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
The company is associated with various international organizations and has certifications reflecting compliance with international standards of hygiene, quality control and after sales. TOMCL stands out to be an exclusive livestock slaughtering and meat processing facility in the country matching and complying with international standards like HACCP ISO 9001:2008, PSQCA, Gulf Food Standards (UAE), Saudi Food and Drug Authority, and JAKIM (Malaysian Standards).
This contract further solidifies TOMCL’s position as a reputable and reliable meat processor in the export sector. Faisal Hussain believes that this contract with Americana will offer confidence to other big multinational food processing companies abroad to conduct business with a Pakistan-based company in the future.
Currently, the government has offered a 2% subsidy on meat exports. However, CEO of TOMCL believes that the government should offer support in terms of greater subsidies to companies like TOMCL, which not only innovate through product development and market research to enter the international meat market, but also initiate exports of value added products such as frozen boneless meat.


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