Emerging Pakistan contest in London

Emerging Pakistan Contest

Millions of social media users are reaching, liking and sharing the images of London’s iconic double decker buses carrying brand Pakistan under the theme “Emerging Pakistan.”

The Pakistan High Commission started this campaign two weeks ago and so far the response on the social media has been overwhelming.

The images of buses sharing culture, history and landscape of Pakistan, on various routes of Central London, have gone viral and are getting hundreds of thousands of hits daily on social media, according to Pakistan High Commission in London.

Keeping in view the keen interest of the people in the campaign and to further augment their enthusiasm about Pakistan, the High Commission has started a unique Selfie Contest about the buses.

Anyone can enter the contest by spotting the Pakistan branded buses in Central London, taking a selfie with them from a safe distance.

The best selfie will receive the 70th Anniversary Award and will be recognised on the High Commission’s social media platforms.


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