Pakistan announces release of captured Indian pilot Abhinandan


By Muhammad Luqman

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the pilot of the downed Indian MIG-21 aircraft would be released on Friday as a peace gesture.

Pakistan on Wednesday shot down two Indian aircraft when the crossed the Line on Control and captured Wig Commander Abhinandan.

The prime minister was addressing the joint session of Pakistani Parliament and in a message, urged India not to escalate the situation. “Don’t take this any further, Pakistan will be forced to retaliate.”

“I hope the international community will play its part to ensure the situation does not escalate beyond this,” the prime minister added.

The Indian fighter pilot, who has 16 years of experience, is from the southern city of Chennai (formerly known as Madras).

His capture is being seen as a major setback for India.

Abhi Nandan is being released just two days after his capture while Group Captain Kambampati Nachiketa who was captured by Pakistani Airforce during Kargil war in 1999, was released after 8-day captivity.


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