Chinese company to set up soda ash plant in Pakistan


By Muhammad Luqman
A Chinese company has decided to set up Soda Asha plant near Jauharabad in Central Pakistan province of Punjab at a cost of Rs 4 billion ( US $ 40 million).
Hong Kong Zhong Huan Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (Punjmin) in this regard.
Soda Ash is used for manufacturing soaps, detergents, glass, paper, detergents, baking soda and other necessary materials and there are only two plants producing Soda Ash in Pakistan making room for other entrepreneurs. At present, ICI is the major producer of Soda ash, meeting more than 60 percent of demand in Pakistan.. Its Khewra factory, which was set up in 1943 and where commercial production started in 1944, has the capacity of 225,000 tons per annum now, but it has the ability to produce 233,000 tons. It is the biggest buyer of salt from the Khewra Salt mines and major source of employment to people of this small town. A number of health, education and environment projects are also run by ICI soda ash factory in Khewra and its suburbs.


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