Telecom : Pakistan , India readying for 5 G technology

5 G technology

By Muhammad Luqman
After successful experience of 3 G and 4 G technologies in the telecom sector, South Asian rivals- Pakistan and India are taking steps towards the introduction of 5 G technology to enable their people enjoy internet with higher speed.
Pakistan’s federal government has approved the issue of a policy directive to telecom regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that will allow local operators to conduct 5G tests, according to media reports.
One operator – China Mobile’s ZONG – has already indicated it is ready to test 5G if given permission. But the PTA has not yet revealed its plans for assigning test 5G spectrum to various operators.
The Indian government has also set up a panel to draw up a roadmap for the rollout of 5G in the nation by 2020.
With the 5G committee, the Indian government aims to avoid a repeat of the delayed adoption of 4G, with telecoms minister Manoj Sinha stating that the government aims that India will be on par with other 5G adopters in 2020, India media reported.
In August, Indian telecoms regulator Trai launched a consultation on the design of 5G deployment regulations and standards, covering details including valuations, spectrum caps and rollout obligations for 5G spectrum.
Indian operators are meanwhile preparing for the arrival of 5G, with incumbent operator Bharti Airtel announcing this week that it is deploying MIMO technology on its network.


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