Pakistani society embracing new technologies rapidly: PTA report


By Muhammad Luqman
With fast increase in the use of smart phones in Pakistan, the 3G and 4G user base continues getting greater and bigger.
As the recently released figures of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reflect , 3G/4G users in the South Asian nation with a population of 210 million are currently near the 45 million check mark. Before the end of August, the aggregate 3G/4G clients were 44.49 million, up from 42.99 million before the end of the month of July. This is a more than 10 million increment as 3G/4G clients were at the 32 million mark in July 2016.
Besides, the aggregate number of cell phone clients did not see that enormous of an expansion. The number hit 139.97 million by August end, somewhat up from July’s 139.781 million mobile users.
Among telcos, the Jazz and Warid team saw the most number of 3G supporters, which were over a million up from July’s 12.533 million to 13.191 million in August. Their 4G clients expanded by 22% from the prior month to 1.2 million by August end.
Zong saw a 0.9% expansion in its 3G clients which remained at 8.77 million, while the 4G endorsers expanded by 3.4% to 4.5 million by August end. Telenor did not see a colossal increment either as its 3G endorsers expanded somewhat from 10.53 million at July end to 10.56 million toward the finish of August. While their 4G clients expanded more than 14% to 849,139 by August end.
Ufone, the main system who doesn’t offer 4G yet, revealed an expansion of 148,075 clients to its 3G supporter base and achieved 5.298 million clients before the finish of August.


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