Pakistan: Opposition alliance PDM demands PM Imran’s ‘immediate’ resignation


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The multi-parties conference hosted by PPP in the capital Islamabad has demanded immediate resignation of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.
According to a 26-point resolution passed by the multiparty conference, a new alliance of opposition parties, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has been formed that will lead and guide nationwide protests against what it called anti-public and anti-nation government in a disciplined and integrated manner”.
The resolution, read out by JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman at a press conference held after the conference  late on Sunday evening, stated that the current government has been granted “fake stability by the same establishment” that interfered with the elections to bring the incumbent rulers to power. It expressed “extreme concern” over the increasing interference of the establishment in internal affairs of the country and regarded it as a “danger to the nation’s stability and institutions”.
The forum also demanded that elections be held again in a transparent manner and that electoral reforms should be passed in order to ensure free and fair polls, English newspaper Daily Dawn reported.
Terming the Parliament a “rubber stamp”, the PDM declared that the opposition will not cooperate with the government in the legislative process.
PDM also agreed upon a six-point action plan to depose the incumbent government, which would be implemented in phases. In the first phase that starts in October, opposition parties will hold joint rallies in all four provinces.
The second phase will begin in December of this year, during which the opposition will hold “huge public demonstrations” across the country. In January next year, the opposition will set out on a “decisive long march” towards Islamabad.
The opposition will also enlist lawyers, traders, farmers, students, media as well as members of the civil society in its movement. In order to oust the government, opposition parties will use “every legal and constitutional option in and out of parliament, which include moving no-confidence motions and collective resignations from assemblies at an appropriate time,” the resolution states.

Earlier, PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif in a video address to the conference from London , said that the opposition’s struggle was not against Prime Minister Imran Khan but those who brought him into power through the 2018 elections.
“Our foremost priority should be removing this selected government and this system. Our struggle is not against Imran Khan,” said Nawaz. “Today, our struggle is against those who installed Imran Khan and who manipulated elections to bring an incapable man like him into power and thus, destroyed the country.”
“If change is not brought, it will bring irreversible loss to this country. It is very important that our armed forces stay away from our governmental system according to our Constitution and the Quaid’s speech, and not interfere with the people’s choice. We have made this country a joke in our own eyes and internationally as well.”


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