Japanese automobile company introduces minicar in Pakistan


By Muhammad Luqman
Japanese automaker, Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced that it has started production and sales of its all-new Alto minicar in Pakistan as the company seeks to boost sales in the South Asian country, where there is strong demand for compact cars.
This is the first time for Suzuki to manufacture vehicles with engine displacements of up to 660 cc overseas especially in Pakistan, according to the newspaper, Japan Today.
Using the same body and engine as the Alto currently sold in Japan, the model launched in Pakistan is being assembled at Suzuki’s Karachi plant.
Before the launch of the new model, Suzuki used the same Alto body but with 800 cc to 1,000 cc engines.
The introduction of a fuel-efficient minivehicle engine used in Japan allows for comfortable driving while the air conditioning is working, in a country with high temperatures.
Suzuki sells some 37,000 units of its Alto in Pakistan annually, according to the company.
In Pakistan, 660cc cars have lately become quite popular for being fuel efficient, cheaper in price and easy to drive in dense traffic situations.
These small-sized cars have low-cost maintenance and no issues of spare parts availability which is why they are often considered a good option for economic users.
If you have a budget around 10 Lac rupees or even lower, there is a wide range of imported and local assembled 660cc cars to buy .


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