Consumers’ confidence on Pakistan’s economy improves: Survey


By Muhammad Luqman
The confidence of consumers on Pakistan economy has increased over the last two months, according to results of the survey released by State Bank of Pakistan.
Consumer Confidence Survey was conducted by the central bank from September 5 to 9. The overall Consumer Confidence Index increased by 5.07 percent compared to the previous survey, held in July 2017. The improvement in consumer confidence is reflected in the increase in Current Economic Conditions Index as well as Expected Economic Conditions Index. Moreover, the index, showing inflation expectations also increased by 2.6 percent during this period.
State Bank of Pakistan is regularly conducting Consumer Confidence surveys through telephonic calls to consumers that are selected randomly across the country.
These surveys are conducted after every two months and provide information on “what people are thinking” about current and future economic conditions, future trends in inflation, interest rates, unemployment, and their household income. Such information are helpful in the monetary policy formulation.


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