Pakistan’s auto maker launches electric three-wheeler


By Muhammad Luqman
Sazgar Engineering Company has launched Pakistan’s first ever locally manufactured electric rickshaw to help decrease the dependence of the South Asian on imported fossil fuels , both petroleum and liquefied natural gas.
” If most of the three and four wheeler vehicles are converted to electric mode, Pakistan can save upto $ 7 billion , presently spent on the import of petroleum products,” said adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change while speaking at the launch ceremony in eastern city of Lahore.
He said that Electric Vehicle Policy , recently approved by the federal cabinet, would be announced within couple of months, rolling out a number of incentives for the foreign and local investors in the automobile sector.
He hoped that the promotion of electric vehicles would help combat the environmental issues like smog and other forms of air pollution that has been annual feature in Lahore and other parts of central Pakistan.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Sazgar Engineering Company said that electric three wheeler would take place of the traditional rickshaws if government provides incentives to both the companies the rickshaw drivers.
He said that the battery of the three-wheeler is designated as EcoRik Li-Ion Battery with specifications of 48V, 125Ah, and 6kwh. The motor of the vehicle is 3kw. The overall charging for the EV is estimated to be 5 hours. With passengers, the Rickshaw can drive 125Kms as per the spokes persona at the event. Besides that, the customers can save Rs.180,000 fuel expenditure.
All the parts except he electric kit have manufactured locally . In the near future, the company is all set to launch BAIC car in collaboration with a Chinese company.


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