Pakistan sends more humanitarian aid to war-hit Ukraine


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Pakistan has dispatched a second consignment consisting of items of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine at the request of the war-torn country.
According to a Radio Pakistan report, a special C-130 aircraft took off on Tuesday to deliver more than 7.5 tons of relief items for the war-stricken people of Ukraine. Another 7.5 tons of assistance will be dispatched on Friday (June 3).
“Pakistan has always acted promptly alongside international community in responding to international calls for assistance during conflicts and calamities as a responsible and peace loving nation,” the report added.
The relief items include medicines, medical equipment, bedding and food items.
The first consignment of more than 15 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to Ukraine through two special C-130 aircrafts from the Noor Khan Base in March. The decision was taken at the request of the Ukrainian embassy in Islamabad for humanitarian assistance along with a list of urgently-needed items.
Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had proposed that Pakistan should provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and suggested that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) should mobilise the req­uisite assistance containing non-military items as requested by the Ukrainian embassy and organise its transportation.
It had also moved a formal summary to the prime minister to immediately dispatch the assistance to Ukraine.
As a result of ongoing military escalation between Russia and Ukraine, millions of refugees, mostly women and children, have moved to Poland and other neighbouring countries.
Because of the rapidly deteriorating situation, Ukraine had already raised an international appeal for global assistance to address humanitarian needs.


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