No terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan, says Premier Abbasi



By Muhammad Luqman

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi  has said that  Pakistan had achieved remarkable success against terrorism and there existed no more “so-called sanctuaries” for them on the soil.

“The tide had turned against terrorists and their capacity to conduct activities had been immensely curtailed,”  Abbasi told  the participants of National Security and War Course here at the National Defence University (NDU).

The Prime Minister said the State was fully conscious of the challenges relating to national security as it was tackling both internal and external problems, official news agency, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) reported.

Abbasi mentioned that Operation “Raddul Fasaad “against terrorists was underway to purge the society from sleeper cells and sympathizers of extremists.

He said there had been a paradigm shift not only from state-centric focus to societal security concerns, but also in the concept and understanding of national security.

He said the current security environment was increasingly fluid and was shaped by a dynamic mix of continuing and emerging challenges and opportunities.


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