Insider spills beans: Hashmi makes Dharna days revelations

Javed Hashmi, senior politician

By Muhammad Luqman
Senior politician and former President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaaf Javed Hashmi, has revealed that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had informed him of his plans to dissolve the parliament during the sit-in staged in Islamabad in 2014.
“ I am making this statement under oath before the nation,” the septuagenarian politician told newsmen in Multan on Monday.
Hashmi said that Imran earlier said that after departure of Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani, the upcoming judges would break the parliament.
“Imran told me that judges after Tassaduq Gilani would dissolve the parliament. He (Imran) said parliament would be dissolved after that,” Hashmi said.
Then Nawaz would resign too, Hashmi quoted Imran as saying. He added that the PTI chief said that elections would take place in September and his party would be able to form government.
“Imran Khan can contradict whatever I am saying after taking oath,” said Hashmi.
Hashmi alleged that PTI leaders Arif Alvi and Shireen Mazari told him that Imran was ready to attack the parliament.
“They (PTI leaders) appeared quite concerned, they asked me to make Imran understand,” said the senior politician.
He further said that he was offered not to resign from PTI and form a forward bloc of the party.
Hashmi added that he denied the offer, saying that he wasn’t there to end Imran’s party.
The former PTI leader also said that he is not wishful of any rank or position, adding that he always prayed to stay on the path of righteousness.
However, the spokesman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf has contradicted Javed Hashmi’s claims , saying the senior politician had lost credibility due to his older age.


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