Pakistan State of Future Index Launched


By Muhammad Luqman
The Pakistan State of the Future Index (PK-SOFI, a facilitative platform for communities of interest has been launched. This is a 10-year future index composed of 30 variables that indicate if the future is getting better or worse, it shows 30-year trends of improvement and decline, each variable is forecasted based on 20 years of past data which are then further assessed for the best possible and worst possible values in 10 years
,“With this national study, Pakistan leads the region in futures research in public space, this is where this nation is winning; the dominating trend in the inaugural report indicates that the growth potential of the internet is significant; says Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder Foresight Lab and Founding President AGAHI,
This Index gradually builds confidence, which can help the decision-makers draft policy frameworks where technology could become the core element in ensuring the well-being of the people.
The State of Future Index was developed by the Millennium Project as an effort to measure the changing state of the future, this index shows whether the conditions, globally and nationally, promise to get better or worse. In 2000, 15 global challenges identified were incorporated for the study to form the statistical foundation.. China, South Korea, South Africa, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and Turkey are among the countries with national SOFIs along with some in Latin America, Central Europe and North America.
Dr. Shahid Mahmud co-Founder Foresight Lab – CEO and Chairman Interactive Group of Companies highlighted that, PK-SOFI has the potential of becoming a very useful tool for objectively evaluating the direction Pakistan is heading. This tool intelligently supports the decision-making process of key stakeholders, in order to make informed decisions and achieve optimal results. Further adding that, a Government with a detailed insight concerning what is happening and what is going to happen in their country,and if trends continue it is able to make effective plans and deploy solutions to improve the quality of life of the population, and therefore can objectively assess the impact of these solutions. This also opens tremendous investment opportunities.


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